Veggie Wash

Protect your Family– With Clean Sanitised Fruit & Vegetables 

Contaminated produce can cause food borne viruses and other health risks. Do you Really know how clean your veges are !!

All fresh produce has sprays, chemicals, wax and  bacteria from the earth and the most Harmful contaminants from  humans.

Evan organic does not mean its clean the soil its grown in contains contaminants and Bacteria like ecoli .

It gently removes dirt and harmful contaminants so you and your family can be assured your not your not ingesting anything harmful..

We manufacture our Vege sanitiser from Plant based Extract that is safe for Humans, Animals & the Environment.

It has been lab tested stating that it has a 99% kill rate for Ecoli and other pathogens like Staphylococcus. It contains POLYPHENOLS and these are well documented to have micro biocide activities against large numbers of pathogenic bacteria and fungus species.

They are also known as a powerful anti-oxidant which provide this vege wash with

remarkable anti-oxidant attributes.

They consist of Sodium,Potassium,Calcium,Magnesium,Iron & Zinc.

How it works

The Ecana Molecules with its Plyphenols,mineral ions and other plant derived

phytochemicals, will selectively attack and destroy bacteria .

The Ecana molecules get attracted to  harmful microorganisms and will cause disturbances in its cell activity inhibiting it ability to multiply and kill the

harmful microorganism.


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