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A very commercially viable alternative for a global block chain crypto currency

Strictly confidential

Block Chain Crypto Currency confidential document on bullet proofing the crypto currency from the crypto currency bubble burst that will come as the commercial value of a crypto currency dictates the real value of each block chain crypto currency and to position the coin for commercial acceptance globally.

Blockchain is a key tool with numerous applications throughout the IoT. Companies are developing innovative solutions that use blockchain to cut costs and improve services.

Blockchain technology is the future of the sharing economy as the technology can help energize and unlock the sharing economy by making it cheaper to create and operate an online platform.

Fees charged for transactions, excessive time involved in transferring funds internationally and clearing transactions etc. are some of the usual nuisances that come along with using traditional payment methods such as banks, credit and debit cards, and checks.

Cryptocurrencies have the power to eliminate all of the above and many more associated annoyances.

The decentralized nature along with anonymity and freedom, coupled with little to no fees is what attracts most loyalists.

Cryptocurrencies are here to stay and grow through steady mass adoption.

There are various other ‘possibilities’ of cryptocurrencies in alternating our financial world as we know it, and for a future with endless opportunities. 

IoT is the interconnection of unique computing devices within objects that might not otherwise have ever been connected to the Internet.

Globe Coin bockchain will make SIM cards and paper passports obsolete. Globe Coin Cryptocurrency will save and store such high-end sensitive data, with powerful security to provide a digital passport and digital IDs a thing of the very near future, along with the benefits of being a menber of the exclusive Globe Coin Club.

The cryptocurrency mega-trend is here to stay and grow. Seeing their adoption rates and widespread commercial interest, almost every industry and field will be affected by the presence and usage of cryptocurrencies in one way or the other.

Blockchain isn’t just for bankers anymore. Most of the buzz around the distributed ledger has focused on its uses in finance, where it originated. But one of the most promising blockchain trends is its growing disruptive presence in the Internet of Things (IoT).

Companies are pioneering innovative new solutions that use blockchain for tasks like tracking goods as they move and change hands in the supply

chain, monitoring the location and condition of assets like industrial machinery at remote work sites, or storing medical data, and they are transforming the IoT

The developing role of blockchain in the IoT ecosystem, specifically, the supply chain, asset tracking and monitoring, and health care

Blockchain is emerging as a key tool with numerous applications throughout the IoT. Companies are developing innovative solutions that use blockchain to cut costs and improve services.

Blockchain is poised to provide a new, powerful tool for companies developing and implementing IoT solutions, offering increased versatility, security, and efficiency.

The world is ready for a commercially viable decentralised currency that facilitates the exchange of trade, preservation of data and the digital identities of all things, the Globe Coin.

The Distributed ledger technology promises to have far-reaching economic and social implications. By leveraging a global peer network to assure directly and transparently the integrity of value exchanged between parties, Globe Coin is positioned to transform a number of important industries that supply or rely upon third-party assurance.

Globe Coin will prove to be a broader force for transparency and integrity in society, including the fight against bribery and corruption.

Globe Coin Block Chain It will pioneer extensive changes in supply chains and governmental functions, such as central banking.

With strict governance, need for formal governmental legislation or regulation is secondary and unnecessary. A cooperative process of multi stakeholder dialogue and stewardship will guide new technological systems develop in a socially beneficial manner.

Every asset will be encoded onto this ledger with a unique identifier, and thus all asset transactions could be confirmed, tracked and recorded via the Globe Coin block chain.

Rich transactional semantics and contracts through scripts, such as deposits, escrow and dispute mediation, assurance contracts, will all be processed and stored in the Globe Coin block chain.

Crypto technologies in four application areas,

Currency – readily exchangeable for digital and fiat currency

Asset registries: Similar to the smart property example mentioned earlier, ownership details would be recorded in the block chain, and while physical assets could always be lost or stolen, the holder of an asset would not be able to claim ownership until it has been transferred via a block chain transaction. Create an ownership and transfer ledger for the certification and transaction history of assets, valuable items, land etc… The details of each asset or item can be stored on the block chain.

Application stacks: This application area aims to provide a platform for the execution of complete applications on top of decentralised networks’. Examples include the smart contracts, which can automatically verify the interactions between the parties to the contract. With such contracts, there is the possibility of creating derivatives that settle automatically and reduce counterparty risk, such as the block chain. Smart contracts will always be limited to the ability of the data to describe these interactions.

Asset-centric technologies: These focus on digital representation of real assets on a shared, but not public, ledger.

Project 1 – Access to funds with interest rates at wholesale, world wide

The Globe Coin block chain will provide the platform for wholesale funding that will be made available to business and the general public at rates these people have never experienced in the past.

Currently in Bangladesh for example their rates are 6.75%

The mechanism will search the world for the best rates and periodically switch the provider, based on the best rate available globally.

The borrower will enjoy a very competitive rate and the lender will be kept sharp or their loans will be paid out and taken from a cheaper provider, from somewhere else on the planet.

Constantly searching the financial sectors globally for the best rates on large cash volumes, the globe coin platform will always provide access to the very best rates available, taking a small percentage and then passing on the discounted rates to the globe coin members.

Everyone will benefit from a more fluid flow of funds with access to all markets.

Project 2 –Transaction authenticity, validation and confirmation process utilising the internet of Things real time processing with block chain recording of supply chain process and activity

Real time processing of transactions that includes the identification, authentication, validation, payment, supply chain involvement, systems, processes, regulations, audits of product purchases and supply fulfilment

The system tracks the products and services from manufacture to supply and then ensure quality guarantee of a product for local, domestic and international sale (export).

Have supply agreements in place that are adhered to from a regulatory perspective and from a quality perspective, to guarantee the product is what it claims to be.

Products will be marked with authenticity chips that ensure quality, authenticity, storage and transport contractual conditions are met.

Track the products and services that make up the manufacture of a good or service from supplier to supplier and then ensure quality guarantee of a product for local, domestic and international sale (export).

Have supply agreements in place that are adhered to from a regulatory perspective and from a quality perspective, to guarantee the product is what it claims to be.

Products will be marked with authenticity chips that ensure quality, authenticity, storage and transport contractual conditions are met.

Asset and Product Register

Utilising the Internet Of Things, a small wire is attached to every product that acts as an antenna for a signal from an RFID chip, which a smartphone can read. The chip, like some bank cards, generates a new code each time it is scanned. Authenticating takes about two seconds, when the information is transferred, the buyer or the supply chain representative gets the authentication of the product sent to them and the logistics details, with a picture of the product, where it was labelled and where it is from.

Globe Coin Block Chain offers a powerful way to verify valuable, tamper proof, degradable and highly prized products and assets. Ultimately all assets globally when manufactured will have the suppliers, their credentials, QA standards recorded and met and the entire supply chain recorded for varification purposes and once a product is sold the idnetity of the person it was sold to ensures a “$0” resale vale if the item has been fraudulently aquired.

Globe Coin blockchain is used to track the movements of the products and help deliver truth in these transactions in decentralised way – parties who don’t necessarily want to work together can agree on the authenticity of the process.

The first truly accepted and embraced global currency of choice globe coin will provide the first truly global platform for commerce to be transacted that factors all relevant stake holders.

The governments – taxation

The commercial buyers

The commercial sellers

The administrators – transaction verification

The regulators – transactions delivered to the required level and standard

The suppliers

The manufacturers

The consumers

The suppliers


On line betting enthusiasts

Money converters and traders

All transactions will be processed with each of the above stake holders considered and their interest settled in a nanosecond.

Government requirements

pay tax at the time of sale

pay GST at the increment of the product or service

pay all taxes in real time at the transaction



quality assurance – standards/checklists/renewing/payments

governments (Australian for an example) will have access to the Globe Coin to block chain their systems, processes, regulation and QA and package it to sell to other countries, regions or industries for an agreed fee to assist that region to learn from and develop their standards and processes for reliability and integrity from the worlds best standards. The OIT will allow this exchange and the Globe Coin will allow the recording of the process as it happens on its block chain.

Billions of dollars worth of systems and processes will be available to replicate and use in other countries for projects or for better quality control.

When renewal of training and licensing is required the IOT will advise and record when it is done or if it is not done, the subject will be notified and the issues addressed. All recorded on the ledger.

Provide incentives for entertainment and hospitality

Provide discounts for loyalty clubs; insurance/loans/travel/power/water/fuel/food/clothes/car/servicing/banking /credit cards/ global incentives/parties/openings of new clubs and events/ exclusive opportunities

By being a member of the Globe Coin Club you have access to the very best pricing and benefits of being in the most rewarding membership globally.

Rewards are not provided as a standard blanket across the board offer, they are matched to the member’s interests, activities, family circumstance and requirements.

Rewards are matched to current and future needs, they are “aspire”ational and relevant for a member today, immediately and into the immediate, mid term and long term future.

The rewards come in the form of asset management, insurances, investing opportunities and fund management options.

Health is tracked on a minute by minute basis and the incentive for improved health is huge discounts on life, health and general insurance for example.

Concerts / Sporting Events/ festivals/tickets and access

The Globe Coin will allow for the purchase and immediate entry into concerts/sporting events/festivals/ticketing and other venues. Tickets will be purchased on the smart phone and the unique electronic ticket number will be verified on the phone of the user and if multiple tickets are purchased, the additional people will be included on the electronic ticket.

Access to stadiums, events and locations will be automatic and refer the electronic ticket holder to their specific seats. No lining up, no cue’s no manual checking of tickets. Millimetre technology will allow access without body searches or waiting to have personal luggage or items being checked.

Programming of the Globe Coin will be written in preparation for IOT interface on specific programmes, apps, systems and customisable service options.

The most sort after and required goods and services globally will be made available through the membership and use of the Globe Coin – the worlds first universally accepted crypto currency of exchange.

Conversion to Currency

Convert Globe Coin to any digital currency

Convert any digital currency to Globe Coin

Convert any currency into Globe Coin

Convert Globe coin to any countries currency

Convert black money to white currency of any countries denomination

Convert black money into any digital currency

Business Contracts

Record standard contracts and agreements for business transactions

Real estate


legal documents

online sales of all types between two or more entities

On line betting

Allow online betting with increments of crypto currency as well as standard currencies

Allow globe coin to bet with

Allow a countries standard currency to bet with and to change to the globe coin

Allow a member to “check out” with their winnings into any crypto currency or standard currency of a countries denomination of their choice

Distributed Globe Coin blockchain technology to execute betting contracts. Escrows stakes, verifie results, and pay out winners. By eliminating central authorities, Globe Coin solves the most pernicious problems in the industry. Reducing corruption and risk results in predictable operation.

Bet on sports, entertainment and setting the amount for head to head bets.

Store your winnings, cash out, covert currency or keep betting!

Fiat currency presentation/validation/conversion/utilisation

The Globe Coin being decentralised will have the capacity to receive Fiat currency from any denomination and convert it to Globe Coin and then onto other crypto currencies or any other fiat denomination.

The Globe Coin will be programmed to have the capacity to provide anomous ability to convert black fiat currency to white fiat currency.

At a time when economies are floundering under the weight of the GFC, governments will have the option to provide an amnesty on black fiat currency and allow these funds to be made legitimate white fiat currency during a specified period of time. When this happens, the Globe Coin will be able to accommodate the requirement and provide absolute anonymity.

Globe Coin runs smart contracts: applications that run exactly as programmed without any possibility of downtime, censorship, fraud or third party interference. 

Globe Coin’s blockchain is a solution for global payments, connecting banks, payment providers, digital asset exchanges and corporates and provides a frictionless experience to send money globally.

Globe Coin is an open-source, privacy-oriented digital currency that is secure, private, and when required, untraceable. Globe Coin provides real-time, peer-to-peer value exchange and payment.


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