H20 9.5pH high alkaline water is good for athletes to drink because alkaline water may allow active people to retain more fluid in the cardiovascular system, while decreasing their urine output and blood osmosis.

What Creates Acidic Waste?
Many factors contribute to the toxic acid load stored up in our bodies. Along with cellular function, acidic waste can be caused by high-acid foods and beverages, excessive stress, intensive and prolonged exercise, pollution, over-the-counter and prescription drugs, poor lifestyle habits and even negative thinking. Fortunately, the human body is very effective at filtering out most of our daily acidic waste with the help of our lymphatic system.

Oxygen is central to cellular health and it must be maintained at adequate levels around our cells and in the blood at all times. Acidic fluids cannot hold dissolved oxygen effectively. For example, a mild alkali can absorb over 100 times more oxygen than a mild acid. Alkaline solutions (pH of 7.0 or higher) tend to absorb oxygen, while acids (pH under 7.0) tend to expel oxygen. A body with a high acidic load has less oxygen in the blood, and produces less aerobic energy. In this case, an anaerobic (without presence of oxygen) fermentation of sugar then becomes the method used to create energy. Lactic acid is the byproduct, and an increase craving for sugar and carbohydrates is inevitable.

Every single one of our biochemical reactions is pH sensitive, with enzymes being especially sensitive. Enzymes function more efficiently with an alkaline pH, providing the body more energy and regenerative capability.

Reducing Acidity Helps Maintain a Proper pH Balance
Our bodies have many ways of neutralizing or eliminating acidic waste products in order to promote optimal pH balance. Collectively, the lungs, kidneys, intestines, and skin are in control of the body’s pH balancing act. The body needs oxygen, water, acid-buffering minerals and bicarbonates to ensure adequate pH buffering. Regular breathing is a very effective way of reducing acidity. When oxygen is taken in and carbon dioxide released, carbonic acid levels are decreased in the blood. Just as important as breathing is the use of minerals and bicarbonates to neutralize or buffer acids within the cells, blood, kidneys, and the lymphatic system. Bicarbonates are naturally produced in the body, present in all body fluids, and play a major role in neutralizing acids throughout the body.

The body requires adequate alkaline reserves in order to neutralize excess levels of the following acids; carbonic, sulfuric, phosphoric, lactic, and uric. One example of this is the often painful lactic acid created through exercise. Too much lactic acid tilts cell metabolism into excess free radical production, low oxygen levels, pain and inflammation.

Bringing your body into the optimal pH balance does not necessarily require a radical change to your total lifestyle or eating habits. Simply adjust your diet to include more fruits and vegetables, hydrate with a high alkaline drink once or more times per day. By focusing on alkalizing the body to maintain an optimal pH balance, you will experience a noticeable increase in your energy and overall health.


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