Cancer Self-Treatment

“Only the cancer victim himself can properly treat his own cancer.”
– Dr. William Kelley

Whether or not you submit to the standard treatments for cancer (surgery, radiation and chemotherapy), there are things you can do for yourself. Some patients undergoing the standard treatments become too weak to complete their treatment. The program you will find on this page and elsewhere in this website may help you build your strength to finish the treatment while helping to minimize side effects.

If you are working with an alternative medical practitioner, you will want to learn what you can do for yourself to complement the treatments you receive from your alternative physician. The cancer self-treatment program on this page is intended to complement and supplement the care you receive from your alternative physician.

Some parts of the 8 step program presented here have been advocated as alternative treatments for cancer, yet we find that they can also be components of a healthy lifestyle, worthy to be followed whether you have cancer or not. This is how the information on this page can be used by you to PREVENT CANCER and to prevent the recurrence of cancer.

If you already have cancer or “pre-cancer” and want to know some things you can do for yourself, the information here is designed to give you an initial orientation and fast start, which you can supplement by reading some of the many books available.

Cancer and Oxygen

Dr. Otto Warburg received the Nobel prize in 1931 for the discovery that unlike all other cells in the human body, cancer cells do not breathe oxygen. Cancer cells are wholly or partially anaerobic, which means that they can derive their energy without needing oxygen. It turns out that cancer cells cannot survive in the presence of high levels of oxygen and this has given rise to a variety of successful treatments based on oxygenating the tissues, such as intravenous hydrogen peroxide, hyperbaric oxygen tank, and blood ozonation. EWOT (Exercise With Oxygen Therapy) is doing light exercise, such as on a treadmill or stationary bicycle, while breathing pure oxygen. EWOT produces the benefits of intravenous hydrogen peroxide therapy and you can do it at home.

Dietary supplementation with Dimethylglycine (DMG) increases oxygen utilization in hypoxic tissues, helping to prevent cancer and many other problems.

The great advantage of knowing the prime cause of a disease is that it can then be attacked logically and over a broad front. This is particularly important in the case ofcancer, with its numerous secondary and remote causes, and because it is often stated that in man alone there are over one hundred well-known and quite different kinds of cancer, usually with the implication that therefore we will have to find one or several hundred bases for prevention and treatment, and usually without any realization that this need not necessarily be the case now that we know that all cancers studied have a characteristic metabolism in common, a prime cause.” – Dr. Otto Warburg, two time Nobel prize winner.

As a preventive and self-treatment, breathing exercises (such as pranayama) and an abundance of fresh air provide a starting point. Most people do not breathe deeply, so they lose the benefit of much of their lung capacity. Most indoor air is ten times more polluted than outdoor air, yet we spend up to 90% of our time indoors. Indoor air in every room needs to be constantly refreshed from the outside. Need we mention the importance of non-smoking? It is equally important to avoid breathing polluted air. Exercising causes us to breathe more deeply and rapidly, so the air quality we are breathing during exercise becomes even more important. Aerobic exercise (while breathing clean air) is useful to both oxygenate the tissues and move the lymph around.

Northeastern researchers find inhaling supplemental oxygen can awaken anti-tumor cells

Lymph is a colorless fluid that bathes every cell in the body. The body has two circulatory systems, one for blood and the other for lymph. Blood is circulated by the heart, whereas the lymph is circulated by physical exercise. All tissues depend on the lymph to provide nutrients (including oxygen) and carry off wastes. If the lymph does not circulate then the tissues suffocate while stewing in their own acidic waste products (uric acid, lactic acid, etc.).

Cancer and pH

To understand why some tissues in the body are deficient in oxygen and therefore prone to cancer, it is helpful to understand the nature of acidity and alkalinity. Cancerous tissues are acidic, whereas healthy tissues are alkaline. Water (H2O) decomposes into H+ and OH. When a solution contains more H+ than OH then it is said to be acid. When it contains more OH than H+ then it is said to be alkaline.

When oxygen enters an acid solution it can combine with H+ ions to form water. Oxygen helps to neutralize the acid, while at the same time the acid prevents oxygen from reaching the tissues that need it. Acidic tissues are devoid of free oxygen. Acidosis and hypoxia go together.

An alkaline solution is just the reverse. Two hydroxide ions (OH) can combine to produce one water molecule and one oxygen atom. In other words, an alkaline solution can provide oxygen to the tissues.

“…alkaline tissues hold 20 times more oxygen than acidic tissues.” – Annelie Pompe (athlete)

The pH scale goes from 0 to 14, with 7 being neutral. Below 7 is acid and above 7 is alkaline. The blood, lymph and cerebral spinal fluid in the human body are designed to be slightly alkaline at a pH of 7.4.

At a pH slightly above 7.4 cancer cells become dormant and at pH 8.5 cancer cells will die while healthy cells will live. This has given rise to a variety of treatments based on increasing the alkalinity of the tissues such as vegetarian diet, the drinking of fresh fruit and vegetable juices, and dietary supplementation with alkaline minerals.

The four main alkaline minerals in the human body are calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium. Most people eating a modern diet have lots of sodium and calcium in their body, and are deficient in magnesium and potassium. Magnesium and potassium come from fruits and vegetables, which people do not eat enough of.

Certain alkaline minerals have been found by Dr. Brewer to be particularly effective in fighting cancer. It may be possible to dissolve tumors quickly by using salts of cesium, rubidium and potassium. Cesium and rubidium are normally trace minerals in the diet.

A mass spectrographic analysis of cancer cells showed that the cell membrane readily attached cesium, rubidium and potassium, and transmitted these elements with their associated molecules into the cancer cell. In contrast cancer membranes did not transmit sodium, magnesium, and calcium into the cell: the amount of calcium within a cancer cell is only about 1% of that for normal cells. Potassium transports glucose into the cell. Calcium and magnesium transport oxygen into the cell. As a consequence of the above, oxygen cannot enter cancer cells so the glucose which is normally burned to carbon dioxide and water undergoes fermentation to form lactic acid within the cell. This anaerobic condition was pointed out by Warburg, as early as 1924.

Potassium, and especially rubidium and cesium are the most basic of the elements. When they are taken up by the cancer cells they will thus raise the pH of the cells. Since they are very strong bases as compared to the weak lactic acid it is possible that the pH will be raised to values in the 8.5 to 9 range. In this range the life of the cancer cell is short, being a matter of days at the most. The dead cancer cells are then absorbed by the body fluids and eventually eliminated from the system.” – Dr. Brewer, High pH Cancer Therapy With Cesium.

As a result of the above, we suggest that potassium is the main alkalizing mineral people should be using, together with magnesium, calcium and sodium. Potassium bicarbonate is the best form of potassium because the bicarbonate is also very helpful to increase the alkalinity of the body. This subject is explored in detail on our saliva pH test page. Food grade potassium bicarbonate is available on the Internet. Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) is available in grocery stores.

Add a slightly rounded teaspoon of potassium or sodium bicarbonate (or half a teaspoon of both) to an 8 ounce glass of water and drink it. Do this as many times each day as needed to bring the saliva pH up to at least 7.4.

You might also consume tablets of potassium magnesium citrate daily. Potassium citrate is particularly effective to increase the body’s zeta potential. The body needs magnesium, even if the cancer doesn’t want it. Magnesium helps make the body alkaline and the bones stronger. In addition, there are liquid cesium chloride and powdered cesium carbonate, a small amount of which can be consumed from time to time.

Each day it is good to make fresh vegetable juice or a “veggie shake”. The fresh vegetable juice we like contains carrot, celery and lettuce following a recommendation from Edgar Casey. The veggie shake is made in a blender or VitaMix. You chop up the vegetables and put them in the blender, cover them with water and blend them. You might put 8 different vegetables in the veggie shake, making homemade “V8” juice.

The famous cancer doctor, Dr. Gerson gave his cancer patients 8 ounces of fresh juice each waking hour of the day. To the juice he added a 10% potassium solution.

“Eating alkaline foods balances the pH of the blood, which, in turn, inhibits the proliferation of cancer cells. Alkaline foods keep the blood pH in its ideal range of between 7.2 and 7.4, which is important for the prevention and treatment of cancer. Ideally, the diet should consist of 80 percent alkaline-forming foods, such as those available from many raw fruits and vegetables, as well as nuts, seeds, grains, and legumes.” Gary Null, Ph.D.

There is research indicating that cancer grows slowly in a highly acid environment (because the acids cause it to partially destroy itself – “acid-induced apoptosis”) and may actually grow more quickly as your body becomes more alkaline prior to reaching the healthy pH slightly above 7.4 where the cancer becomes dormant. Therefore, you will want to get your pH above 7.4 as quickly as possible by every means available. Plus, you will want to be attacking the cancer from every direction (the entire 8 step program plus other complementary treatments) simultaneously so that any lack of alkalinity is compensated for. Once you have achieved a pH above 7.4, it is useful to monitor your saliva pH regularly to ensure that your body remains sufficiently alkaline.

Also, there is research showing that it is the extracellular fluid in tumors that is acidic, not the cancer cells. Cancer cells create energy by fermenting glucose into lactic acid. The lactic acid can travel to the liver where it is converted to glucose, and then travels back to feed the cancer. Alternatively, cancer cells can excrete the H+ ion into the extracellular fluid while retaining the negatively charged lactate. This research validates the altered metabolism of cancer cells as explained on our oxygen page, and the acidic extracellular fluid of tumors serves as a barrier preventing oxygen and immune cells from reaching the cancer cells. Neutralizing this extracellular acid can be achieved with sodium bicarbonate or potassium bicarbonate. One of the mechanisms cancer cells use to expel H+ ions is called the Na+/H+ exchanger. H+ leaves the cell and sodium enters. This may be one reason why cancer cells contain an excess of sodium. You can read about the potassium-sodium ratio here.

“For cells to perform normally, they need to concentrate potassium and expel sodium. In the cells, potassium to sodium ratio is about 10 times. When cell membranes are damaged, potassium is leaked and the cells start to divide. Dividing cells and cancer cells have a lower ratio of potassium to sodium compared to normal cells. That cancer cells grow in an uncontrolled manner is probably related to the lowered potassium-sodium ratio.” – Dr. Lai

Acidity and Free Radicals

Much has been written about free radicals and cancer. A harmful free radical is an ion that has a positive electrical charge. Acids (H+) have a positive electrical charge. Alkaline (OH-) has a negative electrical charge, as do free electrons. Due to its positive charge, the free radical attracts electrons from other molecules, thereby damaging them. Sources of free radicals include farm chemicals (fertilizers and pesticides), many prescription drugs, processed foods, cigarette smoke, environmental pollution, alcohol, electromagnetic radiation, and stress. The negative charge of alkalinity and free electrons can neutralize the positive charge of free radicals.

In 1973, a study conducted by the Department of Occupational Health at Hebrew University-Hadassah Medical School in Jerusalem found that when cancerous breast tissue is compared with non-cancerous tissue from elsewhere in the same woman’s body, the concentration of toxic chemicals such as DDT and PCBs was “much increased in the malignant tissue compared to the normal breast and adjacent adipose tissue.” –

“At this time no one knows whether there is a “safe dose” of a cancer-causing agent.”
– Dr. Arthur I. Holeb


“…every so-called disease is a crisis of toxemia, which means that toxin has accumulated in the blood above the toleration point. …the crisis, the so-called disease – call it cold, flu, pneumonia, headache, or typhoid fever – is a vicarious elimination. Nature is endeavoring to rid the body of toxin.”- Dr. Tilden, Toxemia Explained, 1926.

“This concept of disease known as vicarious elimination has never been disproven.” – Dr. Tim O’Shea.

“The body garbage disposal unit” by Barbara O’Neill.
“The True Cause of Diseases” by Barbara O’Neill.


From an Ayurvedic perspective, accumulated waste material in the body is called ama. Ama is described as a sticky substance that clogs the myriads of tiny tubes that make up the body. There are many Ayurvedic procedures to remove ama from the body. Some of these procedures are done daily, others seasonally, and they are part of the normal routine of life. For Ayurveda, maintaining a body free from ama helps provide the foundation for disease prevention and health promotion.


Areas in the body where flow of lymph is chronically impaired will experience an accumulation of cellular waste products and other toxic material. This leads to chronic inflammation, which in turn results in cancer.


The average adult carries about 15 pounds of dried fecal matter in the colon. The safest way we know of to get it out is to liquefy it by consuming a simple product called Oxy-Powder.

Comparison of cancer tissue with healthy tissue from the same person shows that the cancer tissue has a much higher concentration of toxic chemicals, pesticides, etc. These substances not only build up in the body, but certain areas of the body seem to serve as a dumping ground.

As Dr. Sharma stated above, toxic chemicals are a source of free radicals. Free radicals can damage any part of the cell, including the DNA. Free radical damage to DNA (cellular and/or mitochondrial DNA) is thought to be one of the causes of cancer. In the absence of oxygen, the DNA self-repair mechanism does not function, so it is no surprise that the DNA of cancerous tissue shows extensive free radical damage.

Glutathione (GSH) is the master antioxidant in the body. It is primarily found inside cells. Sick cells invariably have low glutathione levels. Glutathione depletion brings cell death.

Vitamin C is the most important antioxidant outside cells. Glutathione and vitamin C work as a team. Eating more vitamin C takes some of the the workload off glutathione, resulting in glutathione levels increasing as well.

Vitamin A is the dominant antioxidant in the skin, which includes the lining of the lungs, esophagus, stomach, and intestines.

Vitamin E is the main fat-soluble antioxidant in the body and prevents oxidation of lipids (such as cholesterol). Vitamin C maintains the effectiveness of vitamin E as an antioxidant.

Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) is the main antioxidant in cellular mitochondria. Alpha Lipoic Acid is soluble in both water and fat, and easily penetrates the blood-brain barrier. ALA seems to work synergistically with acetyl L-carnitine (ALC) and L-carnosine. The recommended dosage for “ALC is 250 mg to 2 grams daily, and 100 to 600 mg of ALA.”

Glutathione is part of a family of antioxidant enzymes that protect and regulate the p53 tumor suppression gene that could potentially prevent half of all cancers. The four components of glutathione are selenium, plus the amino acids cysteine, glutamine, and glycine. Dietary supplementation with whey protein is found to raise glutathione levels.

There are many coenzymes and other nutrients that support the body’s antioxidant system. These include all the B vitamins (including B12), DMG (Dimethylglycine), iodine/iodide, Omega 3 essential fatty acids, acetyl L-carnitine (ALC), coenzyme Q10 (ubiquinol), coenzyme PQQ, vitamin K2, bioflavonoids and carotenoids.

Bioflavonoids are provided by green/blue/purple colored foods (fruits, vegetables, berries, beans, spices, etc.). Carotenoids come from yellow/orange/red colored foods. Many individual bioflavonoids and carotenoids have been shown to inhibit cancer growth, and when you eat a variety of foods containing bioflavonoids and carotenoids, they work together to produce a very powerful effect on cancer.

Daily consumption of 300 to 400mg of coenzyme Q10 has been shown to produce a partial or complete regression of breast tumors. If you take coenzyme Q10 supplements, look for ubiquinol because the body needs it when making ATP (adenosine triphosphate). ATP is produced in the mitochondria of cells by a process known as cellular respiration. ATP and mitochondria are at the heart of the cancer problem. When mitochondria are damaged and production of ATP is reduced or halted, then the cell must resort to alternative means of producing energy or die. Those cells that succeed in switching to fermentation of glucose as their alternative source of energy are, by definition, cancer cells.

Damaged mitochondria can be removed by intermittent fasting.

The Benefit of Intermittent Fasting
“What we’re talking about is: how do you prevent yourself from getting cancer? And what you’re saying is exactly what I’ve said in the book. As long as you can keep the mitochondria healthy – which is when you’re burning fat and ketones – oxygen free radicals within the mitochondria go down.

Also, there is a stimulation of autophagy within the cells. The dysfunctional mitochondria are consumed within the cell. And the biomolecules within those dysfunctional mitochondria are then distributed to the healthy mitochondria and the healthy components of the cell. So, we’re actually eliminating the dysfunctional mitochondria and replacing them with a highly efficient energy system within the cell. This happens on therapeutic intermittent fasting…

…This not only targets and kills cancer cells. I mean, this makes neurons in the brain healthy to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and cardiovascular disease. This is all linked to the same basic general phenomenon that too much glucose in the bloodstream is not healthy. It leads to inflammation. It leads to cardiovascular disease, which is linked to triglyceride accumulation. It’s linked to a lot of things. It’s also linked to dysfunctional mitochondria, which is the origin of cancer.”

(Intermittent fasting is eating every other day. On the eating day, most people will not eat two days worth of food, so over two or more days of intermittent fasting the total food consumption is reduced.)

The number of mitochondria in cells can be increased by physical exercise. Also, coenzyme PQQ induces the formation of new mitochondria.

Other antioxidant helpers include resveratrol (found in grape skins), propolis, green tea, turmeric, L-carnosine, and organic germanium. Oxy-Powder contains organic germanium as one of its ingredients.

Oxidized (rancid) vegetable oils (corn oil, soy oil, etc.) look the same as non-oxidized vegetable oils, but the oxidized oils produce masses of free radicals in your body. This is one reason why we recommend replacing all vegetable oils in your cooking with coconut oil and olive oil.

One of the reasons why antioxidants have become an issue is because the Earth is an antioxidant that we are no longer taking advantage of. What does this mean? The surface of the Earth has a negative electrical charge. Free radicals have a positive charge. When standing barefoot on the Earth your body will absorb the negative charge from the Earth, quenching free radicals. Unfortunately, with the development of rubber sole shoes, rubber tire vehicles, artificial fiber carpets, etc. most people have electrically insulated themselves from the Earth. As a result, a positive static charge builds up in the body and there are no free electrons to neutralize free radicals. This is a completely unnatural and unhealthy situation. Ancient yogis slept on the ground and meditated in caves surrounded by the Earth. They knew that the Earth is a source of energy and took full advantage of it. In our modern world, the energy of the Earth is now available by means of Earthing, which uses technology to restore our electrical connection to the Earth. The simplest way is the conductive half-bedsheet with embedded silver wires that is plugged into the grounding hole of a nearby electrical outlet. The impact of Earthing on the physiology is measurable and profound.

Finally, there are indications in the scientific literature that an herbal preparation from the ancient science of Ayurveda can rejuvenate an ageing antioxidant defense system. The herbal preparation is called Maharishi Amrit Kalash (MAK). MAK is an ancient formula of many herbs harvested and prepared in an exacting manner. Research indicates that MAK is the most potent herbal antioxidant known, a thousand times more powerful than other antioxidants working separately (Sharma, page 147). MAK helps the body deal with toxic chemicals and is becoming popular for reducing the side effects of chemotherapy. Maharishi Amrit Kalash is available from Maharishi Ayurveda Products International.

For DNA repair, it is also useful for your diet to include foods containing abundant nucleotides that are the building blocks from which your body builds DNA and RNA. Foods providing nucleotides include breast milk, sardines, brewer’s yeast, anchovies, mackerel, lentils, most beans, animal liver, oysters, chlorella algae and spirulina algae.

Plus, it is necessary to remove excess acidity from the system so that the tissues become aerobic and the DNA self-repair mechanism can function.

Purification Techniques

1. Many doctors feel that “death begins in the colon”. Colon problems primarily affect “westernized” people and, surprisingly, these colon problems turn out to be mostly due to faulty toilet design. Two thirds of the population of the world use squat toilets. Squatting provides the optimal position for complete evacuation of the colon. Complete evacuation of the colon is simply not possible using the western toilet, and results in a filthy internal condition similar to a sewage backup in a home. Your body cannot be healthy so long as this condition continues. Fortunately, there is now an economical device called “Nature’s Platform” that adapts the western toilet to comfortably allow the squatting position. The Gut Microbiome and Cancer. Kefir is better than yoghurt for the gut.

2. Restricting the quantity of food consumed gives the system an opportunity to cleanse itself. It is not always necessary to eat. The digestive system requires a rest periodically, even if just one day each week. The consumption of fresh juices made from organically grown fruits and vegetables during this time of reduced food consumption provides alkalinity to neutralize the acid wastes released from the tissues. The multi-day Sambu cleanse is excellent. It is important to understand that the doctors are not recommending “fasting” in the sense that you consume nothing but water. Rather they are recommending a liquid diet of fresh juices for a brief period (Diamond, pages 63, 341-42, 955).

Gerson therapy provides the cancer patient with an 8 ounce glass of freshly made fruit or vegetable juice each waking hour of the day. It would be impossible to eat the amount of nutrition obtained from these juices. Gerson therapy focuses on detoxification of the body together with enhanced nutrition, and reports success with many diseases, including cancer.

3. Drink more fluids. Most people are chronically dehydrated. As a result, the kidneys are overworked. This may seem counter-intuitive. You might think that the more fluid you drink the more the kidneys must work to remove it. However, removing fluid is easy for the kidneys, it is waste removal that is difficult. The reason for this is the “concentration gradient”. If you drink half as much fluid, then wastes in the urine are twice as concentrated. It is concentrating the wastes that is difficult for the kidneys, because the kidneys need to overcome osmotic pressure that wants to equalize concentrations on both sides of the membrane. Healthy kidneys can achieve a concentration gradient of about 3:1. If you drink twice as much fluid then the wastes are diluted by half, allowing the kidneys to remove twice as much waste. So drink more fluids and help the kidneys do their job.

4. Increase your zeta potential. Zeta potential is a measure of the electrical force (negative electrical charge) that exists between atoms, molecules, particles, cells, etc., in a fluid. Zeta potential’s strength determines the amount of material (nutrients, wastes) that fluids such as your blood and lymph can carry. Increasing the electrical force (negative charge) in the solution, allows the fluid to dissolve and hold more material. In this way, more nutrients can be carried throughout your body and accumulated deposits of waste can be removed. An alkaline condition in the body increases zeta potential. Aluminum (from food additives, cooking utensils, antiperspirants, municipal drinking water, vaccines, drugs, etc.) destroys zeta potential. Remove aluminum from the body with malic acid, iodine, cilantro, and hyperthermia.


“Earthing” is the name popularly given to electrically grounding the human body to the Earth.

When the human body is electrically grounded to the Earth, random static (positive) charges and foreign electromagnetic fields immediately bleed off into the Earth. Plus, the Earth’s surface has a negative electrical charge which becomes a constant source of free electrons for your body. These free electrons neutralize the positively charged free radicals that are largely responsible for the present epidemic of inflammation and inflammatory diseases. Also, the negative electrical charge that the body attains when electrically grounded to the Earth is exactly what is needed to raise zeta potential to its optimal level. In a study by cardiologist Dr. Stephen Sinatra and electrophysiologist Dr. Gaetan Chevalier, 40 minutes of Earthing raised zeta potential of the blood by 270%, restoring the zeta potential to its natural level (see Earthing pages 176-177).

For more information you can read various studies and discussion papers here.

There may be locations where electrical anomalies negate the positive effects of Earthing. So we did an Internet search for “Earthing bad side effects”. There were actually very few reports of negative side effects and the experience of most people seems to be positive. Keep in mind that much of the criticism of alternative medicine on the Internet is actually carefully crafted pharmaceutical industry propaganda designed to steer you away from competitors to drugs. If you are uncertain about Earthing, do your own Internet search or give Earthing a try and see for yourself if it will work for you in your particular location.

5. It is necessary to remove excess acidity and toxic chemicals from the body before health can be restored. To remove excess acidity from the tissues it is necessary to build up a reserve of alkalinity through an alkaline (vegetarian) diet, supplemented with fresh fruit and vegetable juices and alkaline minerals. Then this alkalinity must be moved around the body by any technique that works, such as exercise, massage, yoga asanas, Surya Namaskara (sun salutations), manual lymph drainage, etc. Vigorous exercise such as on the rebound mini-trampoline is reported to increase lymph flow by 15 to 30 times.

6. Bile is a liquid produced by the liver. Bile is stored in the gallbladder until you eat a meal, and then it flows into the small intestine where it digests fats. Bile is an important avenue for detoxification of the body. Toxic chemicals removed from the blood by the liver flow out of the body via the bile and digestive tract. When your body produces more bile, your digestion improves and more toxins can be excreted via the bile. Inadequate bile flow allows toxins to build up in the body and results in liver disease, immune responses (allergies), skin problems, damaged arteries, arterial plaque, high blood pressure, chronic inflammation, arthritis, edema (fluid buildup), and cancer.

An acid condition in the body causes bile to thicken, eventually resulting in gallstones. An alkaline condition in the body results in bile that flows. Foods that help increase bile production and flow include beets, artichoke, lecithin, turmeric, and the herb milk thistle.

Adequate bile is also needed for the body to digest and absorb fat soluble vitamins and essential fatty acids.

Gerson Therapy uses coffee enemas which stimulate the liver via the hemorrhoidal veins, resulting in the liver dumping its toxins via the bile. It is the caffeine in the coffee that stimulates the liver. A Gerson patient has a coffee enema every four hours through the day, and this routine is considered essential to aid the body in removing the toxic material being released from dissolving tumors. Coffee enemas were first used during World War I in Germany as a means to reduce pain in post-operative patients when morphine was unavailable. For more information regarding coffee enemas and also the use of castor oil to accelerate cleansing of the intestines, see Gerson pages 161 – 173. There are YouTube videos on how to do a coffee enema.

7. Fever is associated with increased circulation, oxygenation and stimulation of the immune system. Hyperthermia (swedena, sauna, Schlenz-bath, steam bath, sweat lodge, herbs to induce fever) is very helpful to purify the body through excessive sweating which removes toxic chemicals, and also because cancer cells die at temperatures between 104°F to 105.8°F (Diamond, page 996), whereas healthy cells survive. Also, cancer cells weakened by hyperthermia are much more easily killed by other means (Griffin, page 93).

The Schlenz-bath is particularly interesting because you can do this at home in your bath tub. The only equipment needed is a thermometer to monitor the water temperature.

You can purchase or build your own home sauna. By regularly enjoying a prolonged (45 to 90 minute) low temperature (about 108°F / 42°C) sauna, copious quantities of waste are removed from the body in the sweat. The result is a cleaner body and much softer, healthier skin. A home sauna is a very worthwhile investment. For more information read the articles in our Library and do a search of the Internet.

Since hyperthermia is the safest, most efficacious and economical way to remove heavy metals and toxic chemicals from the body, we regard some means to accomplish this (sauna / hot tub / bath tub) as a household necessity.

Enzymes to Dissolve Cancers

Dissolving cancerous tissue requires enzymes. Dietary supplements containing the ten or more pancreatic enzymes are helpful, with the most important enzymes being trypsin, chymotrypsin and amylase. These enzymes dissolve the protein and sugar coating of the cancer cell making it vulnerable to the attack of white blood cells. This has been known since 1905 (Griffin, page 81). The coating on the cancer cell is made of mucus and fibrin. Mucus is a glycoprotein (sugar and protein). Fibrin is a protein floating in the blood that allows blood to clot. This (biofilm) camouflage of mucus and fibrin prevents the white blood cells of the immune system from recognizing the cancer cell. Too much protein in the diet and refined foods such as white sugar and white flour deplete pancreatic enzymes, helping to open the way for cancer.

Fibrin, Blood Clots and Cancer Metastases

In 1958 Professor R A Q O’Meara of Trinity College, Dublin, showed that dividing cancer cells are surrounded by fibrils which give off clotting factors just as platelets do, causing the deposition of fibrin. He suggested that this is essential for tumour growth. In this way a cancer colony becomes coated with fibrin that prevents cancer cell killing immunocytes from making contact with and killing it. – O’Meara RAQ. The coagulative properties of cancer. Irish J Med 1958.

By 1966, O’Meara had expanded his hypothesis and was teaching that a cancer cell traveling in the bloodstream could not form a distant metastasis without there being a small fibrin clot at the site of the metastasis.

It has been known since 1903 that cancer cells circulating in the bloodstream do not form metastases just anywhere. They come to rest in a blood clot. In order for a distant tumour to form, it needs a thrombus (clot). – J Path Bact 1915;, Proc Am Assn Cancer Res 1956;.

A Canadian study looking at heart patients taking drugs to prevent clots found an 87% reduction in cancer deaths and a 100% reduction in deaths from metastatic cancer. – Michaels L., Cancer incidence and mortality in patients having anticoagulant therapy, Lancet 1964;.

Low blood levels of vitamin C are associated with increased fibrinogen in the blood. Supplementation with vitamin C lowers fibrinogen and increases the body’s ability to dissolve clots.

Maintaining a healthy circulatory system helps prevent metastases by preventing blood clots. Also see The Terrible Two: Cancer and Circulation. Enzymes help prevent the formation of metastases by dissolving blood clots and also by dissolving the fibrin covering circulating cancer cells. Leading European oncologist discuses systemic oral enzyme therapy and cancer.

You should be able to obtain a good enzyme supplement at your local health food store or pharmacy. Pineapple and papaya are good sources of enzymes. “Pancreatic enzymes and vegetable enzymes are part of the supportive theory. You have the papaya melons as the source of the enzyme Papain and pineapple as a source of the enzyme Bromelain. The demasking effect of these enzymes against the pericellular layer of the malignant cell is something very concrete in the immunology of cancer. Now I prefer, rather than advising the use of bromelain or papaya tablets that the individual seeking these enzymes get them directly from the fresh ripe pineapple and papaya fruit. As much as half a pineapple a day should be ingested…You have nothing to lose by eating fresh pineapple and papaya melons.” – Dr. Krebs, Jr. Read what Dr. Mercola has to say about pineapple enzyme.

The Japanese fermented food “natto” is a rich source of the enzyme nattokinase that dissolves clots and fibrin deposits in various parts of the body. This makes natto a useful treatment for many problems associated with fibrin and impaired circulation (hyper-coagulation of the blood, circulatory problems, angina, heart attacks, strokes, senility, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, multiple sclerosis,…) The Japanese people eat an average of 4.5 pounds (2.2 kg) of natto annually. – Dr. David Williams Alternatives newsletter November 2002.

Dietary sources of all kinds of enzymes are good, and the consumption of 50% fresh foods and 50% cooked foods helps ensure a supply of enzymes for the body (cooking at temperatures above 116°F destroys enzymes in the food). Fresh foods generally contain all the enzymes required for their own digestion, easing the burden on the digestive system. However, certain foods are more easily digested when cooked because heat breaks down starch (potatoes, for example). Cooking softens cellulose making foods easier to chew which, in turn, makes nutrients more available. However, juicing also breaks down cellulose and frees the nutrients while retaining the enzymes that would be destroyed by cooking.

Unsprouted seeds contain enzyme inhibitors which can be neutralized by cooking, however soaking or sprouting the seeds also removes the enzyme inhibitors and sprouts have a high concentration of vegetable enzymes and other nutrients. Therefore, it is a good idea to soak your grains and beans in water for a minimum of 12 hours before eating them. Soaked grains and beans are called “pre-sprouts” and are much more digestible because the enzyme inhibitors have been deactivated. Allowing the seeds to sprout for three days allows the synthesis of new proteins, plus there is a dramatic increase in the vitamins and essential fatty acids within the sprouts.

Cooking food thoroughly kills bacteria and viruses, which is why with raw foods cleanliness becomes very important. The temperature of food and beverages also makes a difference to digestion. Warm food relaxes the stomach and aids digestion. Cold food and beverage contracts the muscles of the stomach, hindering digestion. It is not good to have cold foods or beverages with meals. Lightly steaming vegetables warms and softens them while retaining most of their nutrients.

“I have written so much about the necessity of betaine hydrochloride in, for example, my own food. I took betaine hydrochloride at practically every meal while I was treated by Dr. Kelly and have continued to take betaine for the past 24 years at mealtime. I also take digestive pancreatic enzymes.
– Dr. Carson Pierce, What I Would Do If I Had Cancer Again, page 91.


Dr. Binzel recommends Megazime Forte (a combination of trypsin, chymotrypsin, bromelain and zinc).

Dr. Edward Howell recommends the patented enzyme formula found in Swanson Ultra N-Zimes. (Swanson discount coupons)
See also Wobenzyme N, Wobe-Mugos, and Vitalzym (vegetarian formula). These products may be available in health food stores.

Dr. Edward Group of Global Healing Center developed VeganZyme containing 21 enzymes.


Failure of the pancreas may be responsible for weight gain.


Abundant enzymes can speed recovery from surgery while minimizing development of scar tissue. Rubbing iodine on scar tissue can help scars go away. MSM and vitamins C and E can also help. Olympic athletes consume a lot of enzymes to help heal sports injuries. Injuries may also heal faster with an Earthing patch on each side of the injury, and by wearing Incrediwear .

Generally as people age the digestive system becomes less powerful, producing less hydrochloric acid, less bile and less enzymes. Therefore, supplementary betaine hydrochloride, digestive enzymes and bile with each meal are often recommended. This not only helps digest the food, but provides a dual benefit of improving nutrition in the body and freeing up pancreatic enzymes for other purposes, such as digesting cancer. As a treatment for cancer, additional enzymes can be taken when the stomach is empty – between meals and in the middle of the night. For more information refer to Dr. Kelley’s book Cancer: Curing the Incurable Without Surgery, Chemotherapy, or Radiation.

About 27% of gelatin is the amino acid glycine which stimulates the secretion of stomach acids. – J Clin Invest.

Rebuild Your Pancreas!

The Ayurvedic herb Gymnema sylvestre can repair and regenerate the pancreas. – J Ethnopharm, Int J Crude Drug Res, J Vet Med Sci.

Sources of this herb include your local health food store, Mountain Home Nutritionals at 800-888-1415, or phone Natrol at 800-326-1520 to find a store near you that sells it.

As a general rule, it is probably better to rebuild your organs than take supplements all of your life. Properly functioning organs offer the advantages of producing exactly what your body requires, in the right quantity and at the right time. Two organs of particular importance in fighting cancer are your liver which removes toxic chemicals from your body and your pancreas which creates digestive and metabolic enzymes, as well as insulin.

More information regarding Gymnema sylvestre, including its use as a possible treatment for juvenile diabetes, is available in a special report from Dr. David Williams. The report is available for free when you subscribe to his Alternatives newsletter (highly recommended).


Stress causes the body to produce adrenaline which in turn raises blood sugar as part of the “fight or flight” response. The sugar is meant to provide energy for the muscles, but in our modern world stress rarely results in muscular exertion so the sugar remains in the blood. The pancreas then produces more insulin to normalize blood sugar. The end result of chronic stress is exhausted adrenal glands and an exhausted pancreas. To prevent or treat diabetes, dealing effectively with stress is as important as improving diet.

An exhausted pancreas is unable to produce the pancreatic enzymes required to fight cancer. An exhausted adrenal gland produces less of the hormone aldosterone that is needed to maintain the proper balance between sodium and potassium in the body. This contributes to cancer and water retention (edema). The edema is caused by the body retaining fluid in order to dilute excess salt.

When the liver, pancreas and adrenal glands are exhausted and you eat too much sugar, where does it go? The cancer tumor is a last resort adaptation designed to eat up the surplus sugar.

Calorie restriction is both anti-inflammatory and anti-angiogenic.


There are eight related diseases that are caused by metabolic dysfunction. These eight diseases are:

Type 2 diabetes Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (now affects 1/3 of all Americans)
Hypertension Polycystic ovarian syndrome (affects 10 percent of American women)
Lipid problems Cancer
Heart Disease Dementia

The primary cause of metabolic dysfunction is excessive consumption of sugar. For more information see The Skinny on Obesity Part 1, 2, 3, 4. The average American now consumes 141 pounds of sugar per year. As a side note, Dr. Robert Atkins used a ketogenic diet (high fat, low carbs, moderate protein) to successfully treat obesity, diabetes, heart disease, hypoglycemia, and metabolic syndrome. However, the ketogenic diet was not found to be helpful to cure cancer. It may, however, help prevent cancer.

“This type of diet, in which you restrict all but non-starchy vegetable carbs and replace them with low to moderate amounts of high-quality protein and high amounts of beneficial fat, is what I recommend for everyone, whether you have cancer or not. It’s a diet that will help optimize your weight and all chronic degenerative disease. Eating this way will help you convert from carb burning mode to fat burning.” – Dr. Joseph Mercola


Thirty to forty percent of the people born today in the United States will get diabetes. People with diabetes are more likely to get cancer.

In addition to enzymes, medicinal mushrooms can assist the body’s white blood cells to penetrate cancer’s defenses.

Vitamins and other Nutrients to Fight Cancer

Vitamin B17 The Hunza people eat a lot of apricots and always crack open the kernel and eat the seed. The apricot seed contains Vitamin B17. Vitamin B17 is the anticancer vitamin. Some researchers have found that cancer and sickle cell anemia are caused by a deficiency of vitamin B17, just as scurvy is caused by a deficiency of vitamin C, pernicious anemia is due to a deficiency of vitamin B12 and folate, and pellagra is caused by a deficiency of vitamin B3. Vitamin B17 kills cancer cells without harming normal cells, making it nature’s chemotherapy. If vitamin B17 was patentable cancer would not be the problem it is today. Both apricot kernels and vitamin B17 are available at and elsewhere on the Internet.

First discovered in 1830, this vitamin has never been recognized by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and so it is not in any of the popular vitamin tablets. Vitamin B17 is associated with the bitter taste and most people avoid bitter foods. This is unfortunate. Ayurveda recommends that we enjoy all six tastes at every meal. The six tastes are sweet, sour, salty, bitter, pungent (spicy hot), and astringent (cool).

Vegetarians are often warned to ensure that they consume sufficient vitamin B12 because vitamin B12 is not found in plant tissue. However, animal metabolism including the human body can produce its own vitamin B12 from vitamin B17 (Griffin, page 91).

Foods rich in vitamin B17 include: barley, bitter almonds (not the sweet almonds commonly available), native (bitter) cassava, chickpeas (garbanzo beans), grass (wheat grass and many other grasses), lentils, flaxseed, maize, millet, sorghum, and the seeds of various fruits (apple, apricot, blackthorn, cherry, nectarine, peach, plum). Most of these foods have been deleted from the modern menu. About 1,200 edible plants contain vitamin B17 and many natural remedies for cancer may be rich in this nutrient. To prevent cancer, a maintenance dose of vitamin B17 can be provided by eating several bitter almonds or apricot seeds daily.

The difference between sweet almonds and bitter almonds is the vitamin B17 that the bitter almonds contain. If you are using the 500 mg tablets of vitamin B17, the effect is magnified if you eat 5 – 7 sweet almonds with it because the enzymes in the almonds complement the vitamin.

However, without sufficient zinc in the body, vitamin B17 cannot function. Also, results are better if the vitamin B17 is taken together with nutrients such as vitamin C, the other B vitamins, vitamin A, manganese, magnesium, and selenium. Doctors prescribing vitamin B17 will generally use it as part of a total nutritional program consisting of diet, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and essential fatty acids. Soy foods are not recommended because they have the effect of inhibiting the body’s ability to absorb certain minerals including calcium, magnesium, copper, iron and zinc.

The full story of vitamin B17 is to be found in the book World Without Cancer by G. Edward Griffin, American Media, 1997. This popular book is in its 13th printing and is highly recommended. Griffin also made a video entitled World Without Cancer summarizing the contents of the book. Alternative names for vitamin B17 are nitrilosides, amygdalin and laetrile. Regardless of what you have read in newspapers about laetrile, withhold your judgment until you have read the book and watched the video. Vitamin B17 is a standard part of alternative cancer therapy world-wide. Watch World Without Cancer free online. Download the book World Without Cancer free. Dr. Mercola on laetrile.

Vitamin F Another vitamin critical to the prevention of cancer that has never been recognized by the FDA (do we see a pattern here?) is omega-3 fatty acid or vitamin F. Vitamin F is the essential fatty acids, with “essential” meaning that the body cannot manufacture it from other nutrients. Vitamin F is required for the production of hemoglobin which is used by red blood cells to transport oxygen. Dr. Johanna Budwig spent her life investigating fatty acids and found that without exception, the blood of unhealthy people always has very low levels of essential fatty acids. This directly impacts the ability of blood to carry oxygen to tissues. Essential fatty acid deficiency is probably more common than any other nutrient deficiency, and is aggravated by the consumption of hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils that actively interfere with the metabolism of healthy fatty acids in the body. Preservatives in prepared foods generally interfere with the oxidation of fats, and become respiratory poisons when consumed.

It is the experience of Gerson therapy that flax oil is the ONLY oil cancer patients should eat. Watch this video by Charlotte Gerson. If you would like to learn more about Gerson therapy, you can read Charlotte Gerson’s book, attend a seminar, or experience it for yourself.

Fats quickly become rancid when exposed to light, heat or air. Good sources of essential fatty acids include flaxseed, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, and the germ of wheat and corn. (Fish oils are also good, providing they have not been heated to get rid of the fishy taste and extend the shelf life). The whole seeds can be eaten fresh or sprouted. They can also be cooked without damaging the oil providing the temperature remains relatively low. Cooking with water ensures that the temperature does not exceed the boiling point of the water, which is not high enough to damage the oil. (Also, potatoes and cereals cooked at high temperatures are found to contain a cancer causing chemical called “acrylamide”. This chemical is created by the high temperatures of frying, oven-baking, and deep-frying. Boiling or steaming with water cooks foods at a lower temperature and does not create acrylamide.) Health food stores may have non-rancid flaxseed oil in refrigerated dark glass bottles (use the empty bottle to keep your home-made colloidal silver, which also requires a dark bottle.) The flaxseed oil can be mixed into salad dressings and other foods. For more information see The Oil Protein Cookbook: Use of Oils in Cooking by Dr. Johanna Budwig, Apple Publishing Co, 1996.

Dr. Szent-Gyorgy won the Nobel prize in 1937 for discovering that essential fatty acids combined with sulphur-rich proteins (such as those found in diary products) increases oxygenation of the body. Dr. Budwig applied this discovery in clinical trials by feeding cancer patients a mixture of 3-6 Tbsps. flaxseed oil and 4 oz. (1/2 cup) low-fat cottage cheese daily. The mixture is most effective if the flaxseed oil and low-fat cottage are thoroughly mixed or blended. You can add pineapple or other fruit to improve the taste. After about three months improvements could be seen in the blood of the cancer patients, and the malignant tumors began to shrink. When cancer-free, the maintenance dose is 1 Tbsp. flaxseed oil daily per hundred pounds of body weight, plus a diary product or tofu. (We recommend dairy, unless you are allergic to it. Tofu and other soy products are a highly controversial subject for cancer patients.

Balanced Diet Is Best for Cancer Prevention

The body makes saturated fat from carbohydrates, but not all carbohydrates are the same. The carbohydrates that cause the body to make the most fat are the refined carbohydrates that are digested too quickly. By replacing refined carbohydrates and starches with vegetables, whole grains, legumes and fruit, the carbohydrates will take much longer to digest and the energy they provide will be burned by the body as fuel rather than stored as fat. Carbohydrates are the only type of food that will make you fat.

Nearly all “whole” foods contain protein. It is difficult to eat a diet of vegetables, whole grains, legumes and fruit and not get enough protein. The digestibility of whole grains and legumes is improved when they are sprouted. In fact, some sprouted grains and legumes can be eaten raw.

It is a good idea to eat some fats with each meal, because they make you feel “sated” or “full” and help transport fat-soluble nutrients into the body. (Fiber also makes you feel “full”. High fiber foods include whole grains and legumes, fruits and vegetables). Healthy saturated fats include coconut oil and organic butter (or ghee made from organic butter). We emphasize “organic” because many pesticides are fat soluble and become concentrated in butter and cheese. Primitive societies that ate no grains had no cancer.

Olive oil and coconut oil are the healthiest oils for cooking. Most cooking oils become rancid when they are heated. In general, it is better to cook longer at lower temperatures so that oils used in cooking are not damaged. Butter and ghee are also good for cooking.

Moderation is a virtue. The overall idea with fat is not so much to eat a “low fat” diet, but rather to replace the bad fats with good fats, and to eat about equal quantities of omega 3 and omega 6 oils.

Good fats include avocados, coconut oil, butter, ghee (clarified butter), extra virgin olive oil (omega 6), and flaxseed oil (omega 3). Flaxseed oil is highly unstable, must be kept refrigerated and in darkness. Flaxseed oil is consumed as a dietary supplement and/or in salad dressing (we use half flax oil and half olive oil in our salad dressing, together with apple cider vinegar or lemon juice, water, herbs and xylitol). Other healthy oils include fish oils, palm kernel and sesame oils. Plus, we should mention chia seeds which are a good source of omega 3. You can soak 2 tablespoons of chia seeds in a glass of juice overnight and drink them in the morning, or add the soaked seeds to a smoothie. Everyone would benefit from eating some flax oil blended with cottage cheese regularly.

Coconut oil contains fewer calories than other oils, and is easier to digest. The medium chain fatty acids of coconut oil can be digested by the saliva enzyme called “lingual lipase”, and are so easy to digest that they are incorporated into infant formulas and used in hospital IV feeding. Digested medium chain fatty acids tend to be used by the body for energy and do not get stored as body fat. In fact, the increased thermogenesis (metabolic rate) resulting from eating coconut oil is usually more than is needed to burn off the calories contained in the oil.

Bad fats are the modern refined vegetable oils (soy, corn, safflower, cottonseed, canola), hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils, and all fats that have been heated to high temperatures. The fat that clogs arteries is called trans fat. Trans fat is only found in partially hydrogenated oils. For more information on fat, see our page on healthy fats and oils.

If you are 10 pounds or more overweight, the problem is probably in your metabolism. It is not just what you eat, but what your body does with what you eat that produces health. We suggest you try the 28 day program offered in The Fast Metabolism Diet: Eat More Food and Lose More Weight by Haylie Pomroy.

Vitamin C “It has long been known that the degree of lymphocytic infiltration, the number of aggressive lymphocytes congregating in and around a tumor (as can readily be seen on a microscope slide) bears a close relation to the outlook.” – Dr. Ewan Cameron and Dr. Linus Pauling.

A higher consumption of vitamin C results in a higher rate of lymphocyte formation (10 grams of vitamin C daily causes the rate to triple).

Many immune cells such as T-lymphocytes and macrophages are self-propelled by amoebic action. These cells contain molecules identical to those in muscle tissue. All cells in the body become stronger in response to the increased G force during rebounding, and this cellular exercise results in the self-propelled immune cells being up to 5 times more active.

As we saw above, enzymes strip cancer cells of their outer camouflage of mucus and fibrin (a protein in blood) so that the lymphocytes (white blood cells) can recognize the cancer cells as foreign. These enzymes work better in an alkaline, highly oxygenated environment.

So we can see that vitamin C is an important team player in this comprehensive program to dissolve cancer. The more abundant immune cells due to the vitamin C, are more active and effective due to rebound exercise, more enzymes, and a highly alkaline/oxygenated condition in the body.

Recent research shows that vitamin C can kill cancer cells if the concentration of vitamin C is high enough (Hoffer & Saul, page 217). If you eat too much vitamin C you will get diarrhea. This is called “bowel tolerance” and the general instruction is to eat more and more vitamin C daily until you reach your bowel tolerance and then cut back a bit. It is also found that bowel tolerance changes with the need of the body for vitamin C. If the body needs more vitamin C then bowel tolerance is greater. Some cancer patients are found to be able to consume a hundred grams of vitamin C daily. There is also a specially formulated version of vitamin C called BioEn’R-G’y C that is designed to allow consumption of large doses. There is little likelihood of toxicity. Orthomolecular physicians have given intravenous doses of vitamin C in amounts up to 500 grams daily without a problem. On a low sugar diet the cancer cell will readily pick up vitamin C due to its similarity to sugar.

The average person needs 2 to 20 grams of vitamin C daily and consuming one gram tablets or capsules is a reasonable approach. For larger doses, putting a teaspoon of vitamin C powder on the tongue and washing it down with water is more efficient. Or add the powder to a smoothie.

When fighting cancer, Dr. Rath recommends several companion nutrients with vitamin C. These are lysine, proline and green tea extract (EGCG). “Our research proves that vitamin C, lysine, proline and specific extracts from green tea can inhibit the spread of cancer cells.” – Dr. Matthias Rath

Read the nine page National Cancer Institute review of High Dose Vitamin C.

Vitamin D Research indicates that vitamin D can slash risk of cancers by up to 77%. In fact, there are about one hundred diseases that are more common in areas that get less sunshine, indicating that increased vitamin D could make a big difference to health. See our sunlight page. Vitamin D is available for free just by exposing your skin to sunlight for a few minutes each day. Just be careful to avoid sunburn. Or take an inexpensive vitamin D supplement. Soft gels containing 5,000 IU are readily available on the Internet. There is lots of information on the Internet.

Vitamin D Council recommended amounts

Based on the body’s indicated daily vitamin D usage, the Vitamin D Council recommends the following amounts of supplemental vitamin D3 per day in the absence of proper sun exposure.

– Healthy infants – 1,000 IU/day
– Healthy children – 1,000 IU/day per every 25 lbs. of body weight.
– Healthy adults – 5,000 IU/day

Additionally, children and adults with chronic health conditions may need as much as double these amounts.

There are a number of studies demonstrating that a high level of vitamin D prevents angiogenesis, proliferation and metastasis, and induces apoptosis and differentiation in cancer cells. However, no one is saying that Vitamin D cures cancer because an advanced cancer seems to be able to block its vitamin D receptors. What they are saying is that vitamin D prevents cancer and prevents the recurrence of cancer. People who have been treated for cancer and continue to take high doses of vitamin D live longer and are less likely to experience new cancers. Vitamin D does not interfere with standard cancer treatments. Vitamin D strengthens the immune system such that it is far more able to defend us from infections of all sorts, including wintertime colds and flu. The health of infants is improved if the prenatal nutrition of mothers contains significant vitamin D.

People of all ages, including children and seniors, are healthier if exposed to direct sunlight for a short time each day. However, in latitudes north of Los Angeles or Atlanta there is insufficient UVB radiation in sunlight to make vitamin D on the skin during the months from late October to early March, suggesting that using a UVB sunlamp for a few minutes each day would be very useful during these months. (Sperti has been making Vitamin D sunlamps since 1937.) An advantage of UVB on your skin making your vitamin D is that the skin makes many different variations of the vitamin. There is emerging evidence that one particular form of vitamin D, the water soluble vitamin D3 sulfate, can go places in the body that the fat soluble vitamin D3 cannot go. Vitamin D3 sulfate may be a key to combating health problems such as heart disease, obesity, chronic fatigue, autism, Alzheimer’s and multiple sclerosis.

The body will not make from sunlight more vitamin D than it needs, so we take the oral supplements and let UVB light top up our vitamin D so that the body has all it wants. (Vitamin D2 is derived from vegetarian sources, vitamin D3 is derived from animal and microbial sources.)

Research suggests that if the entire population had a high level of vitamin D in their blood, the occurrence of many common cancers would be reduced by up to 90% and the overall cancer rate would be reduced by about 75%. Plus many other diseases would be dramatically less, including heart disease, stroke, diabetes types 1 and 2, arthritis, osteoporosis and other bone/teeth problems, depression, migraines, Alzheimer’s and dementia, schizophrenia, lupus, ankylosing spondylitis, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, infections, inflammation, Crohn’s disease, low back pain, muscle weakness, poor balance, and more.

“Whoever wishes to pursue the science of medicine in a direct manner must first investigate the seasons of the year and what occurs in them.” – Hippocrates

Glyconutrients Glyconutrients are at the cutting edge of nutritional science today. The glyconutrients are eight monosaccharides (simple sugars) that combine with proteins (glycoproteins) and fats (glycolipids) to form a code that is the basis for the body’s internal communication system. These special molecules are found on the surface of every cell and allow the immune system to distinguish between self and non-self. In the fight against cancer, distinguishing self from non-self is an important first step. Supplementing the diet with all 8 simple sugars helps restore the body’s internal communication system and promote healing. For more information see glyconutrients.

Vegetarians already have significantly less cancer, particularly cancer associated with various parts of the digestive system. Armed with the information on this web site regarding alkalinity (use the saliva pH test), fresh juices, enzymes, vitamin B17, vitamin F, vitamin C, and vitamin D vegetarians should be able to achieve much lower rates of cancer simply by eating different foods and getting a little more sunlight on the skin.

Other vitamins that are helpful in the fight against cancer include vitamin B complex for stress, vitamin E an antioxidant, and vitamins A and D for calcium metabolism. Helpful minerals include iodine for thyroid function (the thyroid gland produces calcitonin, a hormone that helps regulate calcium metabolism) and selenium as an antioxidant. Co-enzyme Q10 (sesame oil is a good source) has also been found to be helpful. For dosages of the various nutrients see Dr. Brodie’s 3-week Intensive Supplement Program (Diamond page 76-82), the Metabolic Therapy information in Philip Day’s book Cancer – Why We’re Still Dying To Know The Truth, and the simple supplement program of Dr. Abram Hoffer that is found to significantly extend the life of cancer patients. It is necessary to correct all nutrient deficiencies, attaining and maintaining a state of nutrient saturation in the body, which is why the nutritional supplements we recommend contain all the nutrients. We call this the “nutrient dense diet” – rich in all nutrients and devoid of junk food.

“The necessity of eating foods rich in all the vitamins and minerals – particularly vitamin B17 – and of minimizing prolonged damage or stress to the body is all that he (the person with cancer) really needs to know”.

Cancer and Meditation

Individuals who practice Transcendental Meditation (TM) have about 55% less cancer (Psychosomatic Medicine 49 (1987): 493-507). Why?

By measuring heart rate, breath rate and other indicators of the level of activity in the body, scientists have found that TM provides the body with a deep level of rest. This intensely deep rest helps the body to cope with any extraordinary demands being made on it. There can be times during TM meditation when the rest is very deep, breathing stops and a state of “transcendence” is experienced. The word “transcend” means “go beyond”. In this case the mind and body “transcend” or go beyond activity and achieve a state of rest, suspension, stillness, silence, peace. Scientists call this state “restful alertness” because the mind is wide awake while the body is experiencing deep rest.

Everyone has heard of the “fight or flight” response when the body’s resources are mobilized to deal with an emergency. TM produces a situation in the body that is the exact opposite of the “fight or flight” response, a kind of “rest and repair” response during which the body can heal itself. Many people are like a car with the gas pedal stuck down. Meditation is pulling back on the gas pedal. The body relaxes into its basic idling, resting rhythms. Whatever imbalance exists in the functioning of the autonomic nervous system, release of stress in the nervous system through regular practice of TM should restore flexibility and normal functioning.

“But here’s the kicker. Your nervous system has two operating systems – the ‘fight or flight’ stress response dominated by the sympathetic nervous system and the relaxation response run by the parasympathetic nervous system. Only when your nervous system is in a relaxation response do your body’s self-repair mechanisms function!” – Lissa Rankin, M.D.

Transcendental Meditation is popularly considered to be an “antidote” to stress. All the various “causes” of cancer can be seen as forms of stress.

It is interesting that B vitamins are used by the body to deal with stress. It is possible that by neutralizing stress, TM reduces the body’s requirement for B vitamins, including vitamin B17. Less wear and tear in the more relaxed physiology and psychology may reduce demands for other nutrients as well.

Stress is mentioned by Dr. Sharma as one of the causes of free radicals in the body.

“By simply changing your diet to a high intake of fruit, vegetables and grains, by reducing stress through the gentle art of meditation or prayer, or practicing your own faith (I use ‘TM’ or Transcendental Meditation and it’s wonderful) and seeking out support, you can have a major effect on your general wellbeing, and often your prognosis”. – Olivia Newton-John in Living Simply With Cancer.

Stress is insidious because it affects us 24 hours each day. Stress can be mental, emotional and physical. Chronic stress exhausts the body. During the deep rest of TM stress dissolves. Stress causes the heart to beat too fast, the muscles to be too tense, the entire metabolism to be too fast. Metabolic waste products are acids (lactic acid, uric acid, etc.), which is a reason why dissolving stress may increase the alkalinity of the body. Get rid of your stress and you can begin to enjoy the benefits of laughter.

Chronic tension in muscles must inevitably obstruct the flow of lymph. Comparisons between TM and other relaxation techniques show that TM is far more effective to relax the body than the other techniques studied. The removal of obstructions to the flow of lymph is absolutely necessary if all parts of the physiology are to be oxygenated, nourished, and cleansed of metabolic wastes.

The deep rest during meditation combined with a more efficient (less stressed) metabolism following meditation will help conserve the body’s supply of respiratory enzymes. Plus, cells functioning at a lower metabolic rate will be easier to keep saturated with oxygen. Respiratory enzymes and oxygen saturation are key to cancer prevention..

Natural killer cells detect and destroy cancer cells. People with less stress have more natural killer cells.

Stress causes the body to produce adrenaline which in turn raises blood sugar as part of the “fight or flight” response. The sugar is meant to provide energy for the muscles, but in our modern world stress rarely results in muscular exertion so the sugar remains in the blood. High blood sugar feeds cancer.

Cortisol is a hormone released in response to stress. Cancer patients with more cortisol die sooner. Cancer patients with normal cortisol live longer.

There may be many good reasons why individuals practicing TM have 55% less cancer, and much lower rates of other diseases as well, including 87% less heart disease. Furthermore, several studies that monitored the health care costs of TM meditators over many years found that individuals with the worst health prior to beginning the practice show the greatest improvement in health (and reduction in health care costs) following learning to meditate. Health care costs for TM meditators over age 55 are reduced substantially, and this could potentially be of great significance as the “baby boom” generation enters retirement. Therefore, we highly recommend TM to cancer patients and all others who wish to prevent disease and improve health.

For more information, see our Transcendental Meditation page, read the articles in our Library, and visit web sites such as and

Instruction in Transcendental Meditation is available in nearly every city on the planet. Look in the phone book under “Transcendental Meditation” or “Meditation” to find the TM Center nearest you. The 30,000 teachers of Transcendental Meditation all teach the technique in exactly the same way so you can be sure that wherever you learn TM you will be learning the exact same technique that has proven so successful for others.


You now understand the importance of 1) more oxygen, 2) more alkalinity, 3) less free radicals, 4) more exercise, 5) hyperthermia, 6) more enzymes, 7) a nutrient-dense diet with special attention to vitamins B17, F, C, D & glyconutrients, and 8) Transcendental Meditation. These are our 8 Step Program to prevent and remove cancer. All of these you can do in the privacy of your own home. If you want to prepare an “anti-cancer lunch” what will you serve? If you are designing the ventilation system for a home how will you do it? If you have to choose between a hot tub and a sauna for your home, which will you pick? If you are to choose between a stationary bicycle and a rebounder for your home exercise machine, which would you want? (We discuss saunas and rebounders in more detail further on in this website). Do you begin to see how to build an anti-cancer diet and lifestyle that will cancer-proof your family?

If you are using this page to prevent cancer then you are all set. If you already have cancer then you will want to work closely with an allopathic, Ayurvedic, homeopathic or naturopathic physician who understands what you are doing and can help (see our Complementary Medicine page).

We do encourage the consumption of dairy products, particularly organic dairy products. The section on Vitamin F above requires the consumption of cottage cheese. Therefore, the diet we are recommending would be called “lacto-vegetarian”. The diet of the long-lived Hunza people is mostly lacto-vegetarian, as they eat very little meat and only when it is available. However, “moderation in all things, including moderation”. Dr. Gerson allowed a little meat in the diets of his cancer patients.

The transition to a mostly vegetarian diet need not be sudden. There is a learning curve everyone climbs as they change to a meatless diet. You will learn how to pack more nutrition onto your dinner plate by preparing whole, fresh foods. A good starting point is to remember the traditional diets around the world. Prior to the invention of refrigeration the main foods were those that did not decompose rapidly, such as grains, seeds, legumes (peas, beans), nuts, fruits, vegetables, and berries. Meat, when it was available, was generally added in small quantity to other foods such as “pork and beans”, shepherd’s pie, cabbage rolls, perogies, “chicken fried rice”, etc. The meat was more of a condiment than a food, being added for texture and flavor. By using meat in this manner, the quantity of meat consumed can be greatly reduced without anyone feeling deprived. Slowly the percentage of actual meatless meals can be increased. In this manner the family’s diet can move in a meatless direction gradually and comfortably. You will experiment with new foods and food combinations, discovering new favorite dishes and meals that are consciously designed by you to promote the health of your family. The tendency toward a vegetarian diet has three main advantages to your health: 1) this diet is more alkaline, 2) the food is more nutritious, and 3) you get off the top of the food chain where pesticides and other toxic chemicals tend to concentrate. Groups following a vegetarian diet, such as Seventh Day Adventists, have significantly less cancer. A largely vegetarian diet contributes to healthier children and a more harmonious family life.

“There are hundreds of millions of vegetarians in this world. This would include the people of the non-meat eating religions such as the Hindus, Buddhists and Jains plus many others who respect and honor animal life…In India a young girl is not considered a woman until she masters the art of cooking rice at least fifteen different ways. Indian women pride themselves on being able to create a tasty and well-balanced vegetarian menu.” – Flavors of India cookbook, Shanta Nimbark Sacharoff, 101 Productions, San Francisco, 1972. (For authentic delectable Vedic rice cooking, basmati rice is recommended).

In a joint statement, published in the June 2003 issue of the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, the American Dietetic Association and Dietitians of Canada say:

“It is the position of the American Dietetic Association and Dietitians of Canada that appropriately planned vegetarian diets are healthful, nutritionally adequate and provide health benefits in the prevention and treatment of certain diseases.”

The “cancer self-treatment” information presented here is intended to provide a starting point for you to begin the process of regaining your health. It is your body and your health. You are in charge! What are you going to do about it? Generally, once the body has succumbed to cancer there are multiple exhaustions and deficiencies that must be corrected simultaneously if the body is to recover. The entire population would benefit from a “cancer preventing” diet and lifestyle. Cancer can be thought of as a learning experience, a required course in healthy living for those who need it. Unfortunately, once cancer has taken hold, the body seems to remain susceptible and so constant vigilance is required for the remainder of one’s lifetime. However, given a well-informed and determined response, there is a good chance that most of the people who are diagnosed with cancer will live to a ripe old age.

The ideal task of cancer therapy is to restore the function of the oxidizing systems in the entire organism. This, of course, is difficult to accomplish. It involves the following: 1) detoxification of the whole body, 2) providing the essential mineral contents of the potassium group, 3) adding oxidizing enzymes continuously as long as they are not reactivated and built in the body…This will create a near normal condition of the oxidizing system in the body, to which malignant cells with the fermentation system cannot adapt.


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