We can all make a difference every minute of every day with the choices that we make.

Live every day consciously caring for your family, your home, your pets and the environment .
Up until now, this has often meant that we may have had to compromise on choice.

The beauty about Ecana Organic and Natural is that you don’t have to compromise
on quality or effectiveness when considering the environment today.

If you and your family have chosen to care for the environment and are committed then
choose products that deliver outstanding results to look after your family, your pets whilst also protecting the environment

So in line with your values and beliefs, just live it and Ecana your world.

H20 9.5 High Alkaline Water

Ecana H2o 9.5 is a clean tasting & refreshing  high pH Alkaline drinking water that helps to support your overall health & wellbeing while promoting your bodies natural balance. With a blend of plant derived extract & Himalayan salts infused into our purified water resulting in a high Alkaline Boost we believe at  Ecana our combination of natural ingredients we have developed the Perfect Drinking Water.


Veggie Wash Sanitiser

Ecana veggie sanitiser is made from all natural and organic ingredients. It gently removes dirt, waxes and harmful contaminants so you and your family can be assured your not your not ingesting anything harmful.The Ecana molecules get attracted to harmful micro-organisms and will cause disturbances in its cell activity inhibiting it ability to multiply and kill the harmful micro-organism.



High alkaline water (H2O9.5pH) drunk throughout the day between meals helps;

Pregnancy, Ecana

H2O 9.5 reduces the acidity of the mucus in woman, leaving less chance for the sperm to be killed off by high levels

Developing children

babies, children, teenagers- electrolytes perfect for growing developing bodies

Highly Active Athletes

The high alkaline water, Ecana H2O 9.5pH helps to manage harmful acid waste such as lactic acid

High Stress Levels

Ecana H20 9.5 pH high Alkaline water, the body is able to clean the system more effectively,

Aging adults

as we get older, we are less able to filter the acid from our bodies so assisting the alkaline process with H2O 9.5

We have launched H2O9.5 for the open market and have a range of waters planned to follow, designed to specifically assist in the reduction of acid in the human body and increase alkaline levels and overall health in the community.

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